Living Memories

Please add your recollections and anecdotes and those of friends and family who knew St Albans as it used to be.

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3 Mile House Lane
An email sent to our secretary
A defective lock at Batchwood
An anecdote from Lord Grimthorpe
Beginnings of the Easter Monday Pilgrimage
Youth of the churches in the Diocese walk to St. Albans
E E Hooker (St Albans) Ltd
Leaded and Stained Glass Fitters and Manufacturers
Extracts from my memoirs – 'Glittering Shadows'
Growing up in St Albans, 1931 – 1949
First Word War Army Remount Depots - Request for Information
Remount Depots at Sopwell & St Albans
Little church in what is now Coopers Green Lane
Trying to find its name and where the records might be held.
Memories of St Albans over the years
Specially concerning shopping
My arrival in St. Albans
Recollections of a librarian
New bells for the Abbey
Consecrated in 2010
St Albans in the snow
Christmas 2010
St. Albans Music Festival
Social Guild Activity
St. Albans Tragedy 1985
The city's worst nightmare
The Cathedral
a different view
The Story of my Life
Living in St Albans in the 20th century