Hertfordshire Archaeology and History

Published on behalf of East Hertfordshire Archaeological Society
and St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural & Archaeological Society.

From the 1840s until 1961 research by members of the Society was published in the Proceedings and Transactions of SAHAAS. In 1968 Hertfordshire Archaeology was introduced as a journal of record for the archaeology of the county, and at Volume 14 its name was changed to Hertfordshire Archaeology and History to reflect an increase in the number of contributions on history. The journal tries to maintain scholarly rigour while remaining accessible to members of the societies which support publication. A balance is sought within each volume both for period - prehistoric to modern - and across the county.

Copies of Hertfordshire Archaeology (...and History) are held at:

  • The Society's Library
  • St Albans Central Library, The Maltings
  • Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, County Hall, Hertford.
'Hertfordshire Archaeology and History' - Volume 17
Current volume of our journal published in November 2016
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