Fishpool Street an overview

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St. Albans 1800's project

By Tara Morgan

Fishpool Street

This is one street which certainly bore its name before the Norman Conquest. This came from the great fishpool from which in Saxon times the inhabitants of the royal estate of Kingsbury gained a livelihood. At the lower end of the street the properties on the northern side of the street ran back to Downfield and at the upper end back to the toft of Squillers. On the southern side the properties stretched down to the river at the lower end and at the upper, back to Kitchener's Mead. This was named after the Kitchener of the Abbey. In 1538 the Abbot leased to Henry Gape a tenement described as stretching from the highway in the north to the Prior's Pond on the south, towards the "Kechener's Meade". This pond will have been one of the Abbey's fishponds and was perhaps situated where there was still a pond in the early 19th century.

In the 19th Century there were many inns and shops in Fishpool Street also factories assembling straw hats from parts plaited by women.

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