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Email News notes are broadcast to communicate with members rapidly - especially if the next printed Newsletter would be too late.

The notes are ordinary emails with a Subject: field of the form "[Arc & Arc News] No.xxx: Title." There are no attachments; larger material is put onto this website and a brief notice broadcast. There is no fixed schedule; notes are sent when there is something to say.

Email addresses are not vulnerable to spam generators and the recipient's address on an email cannot be seen by anyone else.

If you would like to receive these broadcasts please send an email as follows:

  • click on this link to the Webkeeper,
  • write your request and your name in the body of the email,
  • your email address will appear in the header automatically,
  • transmit the email in the usual way.

To cancel your subscription send a request in the same way.

Please note that this service is for members only.

This page was added by Brian Bending on 06/07/2009.

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