St Albans School of Art

Photo:Former School of Art in Victoria Street

Former School of Art in Victoria Street

Frank Iddiols

Photo:The School of Art - Francis Bacon

The School of Art - Francis Bacon

Frank Iddiols

By Peter Granville-Edmunds

How very nice it is to have found your website.

I was an art student at St Albans School of Art in Victoria Street in St Albans which was situated opposite the Library. This was during the early 50`s.  They were impressionable years that were not only educational, very happy memorable years under the director Mr Lismore, one of St Albans cricketers!

I imagine that art school has been demolished. "How sad!".
I used to travel by bus from Hertford where I was born, to St Albans.
I am still painting and drawing and loving every moment I spend in my studio in Cheltenham, but my home will always be in Hertfordshire.

This page was added by Peter Granville-Edmunds on 11/02/2013.
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Peter, Good to hear from a distant St Albans enthusiast. Our web editor has attached two photos taken by an Arc & Arc member. You will be glad to see the building escaped the 60s demolitions; now a medical practice. The Library is, I'm afraid, an O'Neill's pub, the former having been incorporated into The Maltings, a development behind what used to be the Chequers Cinema. Hold on to your picture of St A. You would weep at the sight of the west side of St Peter's St now! (Try Google Street map).

By Gerard McSweeney
On 12/04/2013

I was a student there in the 60's when it was the same. i have been looking for my sculpture tutor Mrs Chernovsky or Cherkovskiy - but cant find her anywhere - can you help?

By tony webb
On 07/02/2016

Can anyone tell me when they closed the art school?

By christine basil
On 16/02/2016

Closure answered by email (G McS) Best source probably Kelly's,

By Gerard McSweeney
On 25/03/2016

Good to see someone remembers the Victoria Street Art School. I have a potrait of me as a student there painted by 'Bill" mason... but it is painted over a canvas painted by Mr Lismore. Mary Hoad was principal when I was there. There were several well known and important artists who taught there and I am grateful for the excellent teaching I received there. 

By Jose Allen
On 19/06/2016

Hello Tony,  I was a student there in mid 60's and i think you are thinking of Peggy Chernievsky.


By Anna Crabtree
On 29/10/2017

I was at St Alban's Art School mid 1960's. Barbara Hill then. I have recently bought some lovely drawings by Maurice Feild from Sulis Fine Art - very reasonable prices. I remember so much from my years there, before I went to Falmouth. The coffee break record player- Quinten Crisp - model, and great Tutors:- Arnold Van Praag, John Mills, John Brunsdon, Michael Wharton, Peggy Cherniavsky( I think she has died) William Mason, Maurice Feild, Spendlove - We even had Anthony Blunt come from the Courtauld and lecture. Wonderful teaching - still treasured.

By Barbara Sedassy
On 16/11/2017

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