The Society’s lecture programme

Andrew Reynolds questions the dominance of urban settlements in post-Roman at a Society conference (SAHAAS)

Lectures from the earliest days

Since the formation of the Society in 1845, one of our most important activities has been the presentation of lectures for the benefit of members. In the early days of the Society, it was the practice to publish some of these individually, and later as part of the Society’s periodic Transactions. Many of the Society’s first lectures took place in the Assembly Rooms of the Old Town Hall, which now houses the St Albans Museum + Gallery. 

Today, we we run an extensive series of lectures usually from September to May each year. Our current venue is Marlborough Road Methodist Church in St Albans.

Lindsay Wong talking about Abbey’s Roman Festival, Marlborough Road Methodist Church (SAHAAS)

Local, national and international subjects

Our lectures cover local, national and international subjects of historic interest as they have done throughout our first 175 years. Then, as now, our presenters have been a mix of local experts and national figures. Leading national figures have included Carenza Lewis, Nikolaus Pevsner, Basil Spence, as well as Mortimer and Tessa Wheeler. We hope, after the pandemic is over, to welcome Professor Michael Wood to this distinguished group.