The Society’s Publications over time

From Transactions to Hertfordshire Archaeology and History

The Society produced Transactions recording Society events and papers that members had given. These were produced from 1883-1914 and 1924-1938. Unfortunately, after this date, due to time and publishing costs, the Transactions were only produced in 1953 and 1961. All 34 volumes have now been digitised and are available on our website.

Transactions 1901-02

Nowadays our Society and the East Hertfordshire Archaeological Society combine to produce Hertfordshire Archaeology and History. This is an academic journal of record that includes reports on archaeological excavations in the county, and historical articles.

Front cover of Hertfordshire Archaeology and History

Early publications

From our earliest days the Society has encouraged its members to produce publications. Some of these were undertaken at its expense and some by its members. The earliest was during the Society’s first year when in 1846 Reverend Charles Boutell published his Short Guide to St Albans Abbey.

Other publications followed dealing with aspects of St Albans and the Society’s wider remit of Hertfordshire. Subjects have included Hertfordshire place names, bricks and buildings, and the 1553 Borough Charter to St Albans. Following an extensive digitising programme, most of these are available on our website.

Recent publications

The Society also publishes books based on original research by dedicated groups of members. You can find a  list of many of these on our website; several are available from our online bookshop, with free delivery until the end of July.  Subjects covered in recent publications include St. Albans – Life on the Home Front 1914-1918St Albans 1650-1700: a thoroughfare town and its peopleThe Old Town Hall, and St Albans Architect – Percival Blow.