Clock Tower model arrives at St Albans Museum + Gallery

Beth Jones alongside the finished scale model in the St Albans Museum + Gallery

All finished!

The finished, scale model of the Clock Tower finally arrived at the St Albans Museum + Gallery on 13th October 2020 as part of the 175th Anniversary of SAHAAS’s Exhibition.

Intricate detailing

The design and construction of the model was the third-year degree project of University of Hertfordshire student, Beth Jones. The intricate detailing includes the parapet gargoyles, readable signs on the front of the Tower, the ornate windows, realistic flintwork covering the building and the two bell frames that can be viewed through a peephole on the belfry floor.

Beth’s first task was to take numerous photos and measurements of the Clock Tower and turn them in to a prototype, card model on to which she could paste all the designs. Then the real construction work began starting with an MDF base, using lots of Gorilla glue and Polyfilla and a 3D scanner.

Beating the pandemic

Due to the art and design studios at Herts University closing down in March because of lock down, work had to halt on the Clock Tower model. Beth was awarded her degree based on a half-finished Clock Tower model in June but was allowed to come back to the studios in September to finish it.

The finished article is now on display at the St Albans Museum + Gallery until 31 January 2021.