Clarence Park Grand Stand

Opening of the Grandstand, Clarence Park, 1894
St Albans Museum (ref T865)
The Pavilion
St Albans Museum

The Opening of the Clarence Park Grand Stand, 1894

(Janet Ouston)

Clarence Park was given to St Albans by Sir John Blundell Maple MP, proprietor of Maple’s, the fashionable London furniture store. The park was opened in 1894 by the Duke of Cambridge in a celebration ” … not dampened but not spoiled by heavy rain.”

Sport in Clarence Park

(Judy Faraday)

Designed by Mr Ford the City’s Surveyor, the Pavilion in Clarence Park was a well known local meeting place.  This image of the building, reproduced in St Albans in Old Photographs edited by Mullins, is part of the St Albans Museums collection.