'Inform' Gallery

Raising awareness

We have always aimed to raise awareness of our heritage. Our first lecture was in 1845 and our lecture series covering local, national and international subjects of historic interest continues to this day.

Blue plaques

We have always been innovative in how we make information available.  In 1898 the Society decided to erect commemorative plaques, several of which still exist. We remain a strong supporters of the Blue Plaques movement, and have helped to fund the erection of several plaques in recent years.

Reaching out to wider audiences

Besides our talks, the Society continues to reach out to a wider audience by its members sharing their research through publications – including those about the St Albans Museum + Gallery, the work of the architect Percival Blow, what life was like in St Albans during the 1914-1918 war, 17th century wills and our new series of ‘St Albans Concise Histories’.

We have always been innovative in how we make information available.  In 1898 we agreed to erect commemorative plaques, many of which still exist.

Exploiting new technologies

Today we digitise our material to reach a greater audience. The Society’s Transactions and lectures of the 19th and 20th centuries are accessible via our website. We hold in our library the ‘Report of the Bribery Commission investigating the great election scandal of 1850’ which you can now search digitally. ’Facts’ are challenged by reappraising the evidence and interactivity is used to generate interest. The Society’s website and email circulation brings events to members’ notice.