'Innovate' Gallery

Our Society has attracted a wide range of talented members over the years, and has provided a forum where new ideas can be tested and developed, contributing to a number of important innovations in conservancy and archaeology that have been implemented nationally.

Saving historic treasure

Sir John Evans’ way of illustrating pottery has been followed by archaeologists ever since. He was also a leader in the study of Iron Age coinage in the UK and, in addition, gained government acceptance of the principle of paying discoverers of precious metal objects an amount greater than the base metal value. This discouraged the melting down of finds and led ultimately to the modern principle of ‘Treasure Trove’.

Preserving fragile plaster

Dr Norman Davey developed a new technique for raising and preserving intact painted wall plaster. He was able to preserve the wonderful Roman wall plaster found in the 1950s excavations at Bluehouse Hill.

Documenting history

William Page became General Editor of the Victoria History of the Counties of England, saving the project which is still ongoing today.

The Society was one of the first to commission aerial photography of an archaeological site arranging this before the 1930s excavations of Verulamium.

More recently, the Society has pioneered the use of illustrated maps and, working with the University of Hertfordshire, has embraced oral history so today’s memories are recorded to become tomorrow’s history. When the physical exhibition opens you will be able to record your own memories before you leave.