It has long been an aim of the Society to raise public awareness of the heritage of St Albans and its environs. When the Society was established in 1845, the local press was informed that the object of the Society was 'promoting a more general acquaintance with those memorials of past ages which tend to illustrate the history and principles of Architecture in England'. The Society's current constitution expresses this objective as being 'to promote public interest in, and improve public knowledge of, the architecture, archaeology and history of St Albans and Hertfordshire'.

We do this today through an extensive programme of lectures for members that are also open to the public, through exhibitions curated and organised jointly with other bodies such as the St Albans Museums, an award-winning quarterly newsletter, and a broad range of publications, including the scholarly journal of records,  Hertfordshire Archaeology and History, published jointly with the East Hertfordshire Archaeology Society.