Lecture: An Introduction to Avebury Henge: surrounding archaeological sites and how they relate to one anoth

at Marlborough Road Methodist Church and on Zoom

Speaker: Georgina Graham
In this lecture you will be introduced to the enigmatic and extraordinary archaeological wonders of one of the finest and largest Neolithic monuments in Europe.

This presentation seeks to give the audience a deeper and more informed understanding of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain that, seemingly, formed a vast sacred landscape. We will briefly explore one of the principal ceremonial sites of Neolithic Britain, Avebury henge, it’s three megalithic stone circles and their relation to the surrounding, lesser-known, but equally fascinating archaeological sites.

Archaeologist and prehistorian Georgina Graham who specialises in the late Mesolithic, Neolithic and early Bronze Age monolithic monuments, architectural feats, burial mounds and cultural sciences across Britain has been investigating Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in England to explore the question, and “are these ancient ceremonial sites and complexes linked in someway and, if so,

Church and Live-streamed via Zoom

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