Lecture: The Future of Archaeology: the next 176 Years

at Zoom

Panel members: Sue Hamilton, Professor Thomas Higham and Jane Sidell

And now for something completely different from – but similar to the Future of History event in April this year.  It is now the turn of the archaeology.  A panel of eminent archaeologists will each share their personal perspective on archaeology in the past, present and future. This will be followed by a chance for debate and audience participation.

Sue Hamilton is Director of the UCL Institute of Archaeology. Her early research focused on UK prehistoric ceramics but later widened to landscape-based investigations. Recently Sue has been advancing the application of phenomenology and sensory archaeology beyond their traditional boundaries with major projects in southern Italy, and on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) where her work brings innovative methodologies and interpretive approaches to Pacific Studies.

Professor Tom Higham is Director of the University of Oxford’s RadioCarbon Accelerator Unit.  His research centres on the Palaeolithic, the last Neanderthals and the arrival of the first modern humans out of Africa.  His recent book The World Before Us: How Science is Revealing a New Story of our Human Origins (2021) is published by Penguin/Random House.

Jane Sidell is currently Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Greater London, and has the privilege of working to protect spectacular sites such as the Roman Billingsgate bath house and the Tower of London. Prior to this she was archaeological science advisor for London, and earlier an environmental archaeologist at the Museum of London. But her roots lie in Verulamium, where she was taught O- and A-level archaeology, and used to bunk off school to go digging there.

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