Lecture: The Horde - Towards a New History of the Mongol Empire

at Zoom

Lecturer: Professor Marie Favereau

The Horde is the great Imperial organisation the nomads built in the lower Volga after the Mongol conquest of the 13th century. As this talk will demonstrate, the Horde is also a world-shaping phenomenon that integrated Eurasia along east-west and north-south axis, generating long-distance trade and making the Mongol moment a precursor of the better-known Colombian Exchange.

Marie Favereau is Associate Professor of History at the University of Paris Nanterre. Previously, she was a research associate at Oxford University and member of the European project ‘Nomadic Empires: A World Historical Perspective’, a member of the French Institute of Oriental Archaeolog in Cairo, and a Fulbright visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. She is author of The Horde. How the Mongols Changed the World (HUP, 2021).

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