Lecture: “Not Just Neo-Brutalism“ A look at the history, setting and architecture of the Barbican Estate

at Marlborough Road Methodist Church

Speaker: Dr Peter Burley

Whenever the Barbican in London is mentioned, the immediate response is usually to decry its 1960s neo-brutalism. This guided tour around the estate as a lecture (and then later as a physical excursion) will show that there is much more to it than that. We will look at its history before the area was completely destroyed in 1940 and then how and why it came to be rebuilt the way it was.
Why was such a large social housing and arts complex located inside and “the Square Mile“ in the first place and what were its architectural and design criteria?

Join Peter Burley to enjoy some genuinely new perspectives on a site you may think you know. Peter Burley read and then did research in history at the University of York and University College London. He followed a career in local government and then the regulation of health professions whilst continuing to research and write as an historian. He has written, spoken and been published
on the Wars of the Roses in Hertfordshire. He currently serves as vice president of SAHAAS and as chair of the University of York’s London alumni committee.

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