Seminars: The Development of Ancient Frescos

at SAHAAS Library, Sandridge Gate Business Centre, Ronsons Way, St Albans, AL4 9XR

In this series of three seminars, Dr Maria Musto explores the development of frescos in the Roman and earlier periods. Her story mixes time and place: time in respect of pre-dynastic Egypt to the classical period, and place in terms of the origins of frescos in the eastern Mediterranean leading to later examples in Italy and then Verulamium. Place also relates to the buildings in which we see frescos today and what these examples tell us about the differing cultures of the people who commissioned them.

These are the three seminars. For further information and for details about how to register, please click on each link.

25 May – Introduction

29 June – The Three Techniques

27 July – The Four Styles

Each seminar starts at 2.30pm and lasts for about an hour. There is ample free parking at the venue. There is no charge for Society members.

If you are not a member of the Society or if you have any questions, please email Jon at

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