Lecture: The Festival of Britain

at Marlborough Road Methodist Church and on Zoom

Lecturer: Geoffrey Hollis

2022 will see a nationwide festival devised as a way to lift the spirits of a divided nation after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. It echoes the Festival of Britain which in 1951 was meant to cheer up a country still in a dire state after the Second World War. Our speaker will describe the amazing creative effort that nevertheless went into that Festival, its reception and its legacy. His talk will include contemporary pictures and video. Sadly, many wonderful structures created especially for the Festival were destroyed soon after it closed.

As well as being a member of our Society Geoffrey also belongs to the 20th Century Society which aims to protect important buildings of that period.

To register, please visit our Eventbrite page. Attendance is free for members; £5 for non-members.

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