Seminar: The Impact on St Albans of the British Civil Wars 1643-1651

at Zoom

Convenor: John Morewood

Although St Albans and the bulk of Hertfordshire was pro Parliament and no battles were fought in the county, this did not mean the town escaped unscathed, far from it. We will look at the information available to us to assess the impact on the town and its people and the meeting in the abbey church which led ultimately to the execution of Charles I.

The seminar series, which resumes in September, will remain over Zoom for the foreseeable future. To allow ample opportunity for discussion following presentations, numbers will still be restricted to 25 so book early if the topic is of special interest. For members unable for any reason to attend, presenters are always willing to discuss the topic if you contact them after the event. Invitations to register will be sent via email a week before each seminar.

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