Collecting, cataloguing and analysing historic documents

Market Place, St Albans, c1855
Wills, Inventories and Probate Accounts from St Albans 1600 - 1615
Edited by Pat Howe and Jane Harris

In an age when we are swamped by data on the internet, it would be easy to overlook the importance of protecting the historic documents and secondary sources that record so much of our heritage. A large part of the Society’s efforts goes into collecting, cataloguing and analysing historic documents and significant secondary sources of information. And we liaise closely with the Hertfordshire Archive and Library Services (HALS), which holds many of the county’s records.

The Society’s Library hosts a wide range of historic documents, maps, pamphlets, journals, property records and images, as well as secondary sources of information. You can find out more by browsing our catalogues.

But the information contained in these historic documents is only really useful if it can be catalogued and analysed. We have a number of research groups focussed on specific areas, which work closely with those members who look after the Society’s Library. These groups often produce articles and publications, such as Wills, Inventories and Probate Accounts from St Albans,  1600-1615, published recently by the Society.