St Albans: Life on the Home Front, 1914-1918

‘This book is an exemplary local history of the Home Front of 1914-1918.’ Sally Sokolov, The Local Historian

‘an excellent and illuminating panorama of St Albans from 1914 to 1918.’ Richard Batten, International Journal of Regional and Local History

‘an impressive addition to the outpouring of local histories on the Great War in these centenary years.’ Keith Grieves, Social History

‘This book is full of fascinating and unexpected detail showing how all levels of society either fought against or adapted to the impact of war… There is so much to admire in this book, not least in the amassing of so much enthralling detail to tell a comprehensive story of four years’ concentrated social change. Local historians wishing to tell the story of their area in wartime will be inspired. The team of twenty-one researchers is to be congratulated on its impressive achievement.’ Ruth Jeavons, Herts Past & Present

Much has been written about the men who left to fight in the First World War but what was life really like for those left behind on the Home Front?

A bustling market town profoundly touched by the war, St Albans is the perfect place of which to ask this question, thanks in part to the survival of exceptionally rich archives of records from the period.

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Editors: Jonathan Mein, Anne Wares, Sue Mann

Publisher: Hertfordshire Publications, September 2016

Paperback, 296pp

Price: £18.99 (£21.20 by post UK),  members’ price: £14.00

ISBN 978-1-909291-74-4

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