The Mayor’s History Fund

SAHAAS Secretary (Bryan Hanlon), the Mayor (Councillor Harris), the 2012 Winner (Anne Wares), and the former Mayor (Kate Morris), who founded the Mayor's History Fund
Peter Wares

St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society (‘the Society’), one of Britain’s oldest, largest, and most respected local history societies, has been entrusted by the Mayor of St Albans & District (‘the Mayor’) with the task of administering the Mayor’s History Fund.

Aim of the Fund

The aim of the Fund is to assist researchers with expenses which, if not covered, might preclude publication. The amount of each grant is expected to be between £75 and £250 and will necessitate an application being submitted.

The Mayor has asked the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society – and any additional specialists they wish to co-opt – to act as the Research Grants Committee (‘the Committee’) to assess applications and to make awards. The Society’s Treasurer will notify the Mayor’s office of any awards made so the mayor may update the St Albans & District Council.  

Applications welcome

Applications are welcome from members and non-members of SAHAAS. The grants will be administered by a SAHAAS committee’ comprising the President, Secretary and Treasurer and any specialists they may wish to co-opt. The Committee will consider applications for funding twice a year. Application deadlines will be usually 30 April and 31 October. If you are interested in making an application for funding, please contact SAHAAS secretary, Brian Hanlon, at, or download the application form below.