St Albans & the Wars of the Roses: associated events

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Our three-month exhibition is the centre-piece for the following wide range of activities. More events are likely to be added in due course.

19 February – Marking the 562nd anniversary of the battle, the Battlefields Trust guided tour of the southern part of the battlefield (from St Michael’s to St Peter’s) starts at St Albans Museum (M+G) at 2pm. See for
further information.

21 February – Barnet Medieval Festival Society and Barnet Museum lecture for SAHAAS members* about the Festival and the re-enactment of the Second Battle (see pp.35-6).

24 March – Opening of the exhibition jointly organised by SAHAAS in the St Albans Museum in the St Albans Museum + Gallery.

1-16 April (all to be confirmed) – A demonstration in the M+G of historical sword fighting techniques and equipment that would have been used during the battle; with craft activity centred on heraldry in the Easter holiday and May half term. Check for further details.

20 April – A talk at 7pm in the M+G on ‘Battlefield Queens’ (of the Wars of the Roses). See for booking information.

9 May – Lecture by Dr Peter Burley for SAHAAS members* on the conduct of the Second Battle of St Albans. Learn about the first use of handguns in Britain, why Warwick the Kingmaker failed so badly and meet one of England’s first – and least likely – war correspondents.

2 June – Lecture for SAHAAS members* in St Albans School by Prof. Michael Wood in St Albans School (details to follow).

3 June – Battlefields Trust conference focusing on the battle. The venue is Holywell Lodge, the Diocesan Offices. Keep an eye on for more information, when posted.

10-11 June – A re-enactment of the battle at midday on both days as part of the Barnet Medieval Festival (an organised SAHAAS ‘excursion’ may be arranged for one of the days). Full details and joining instructions will be posted on

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