St Michael's Village from rural settlement to residential suburb, 1700-1930

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Price includes second class postage. In this book Kate Morris describes the story of how St Michael’s village was transformed from a thriving artisan community to an attractive residential suburb of St Albans.

The much loved village of St Michael’s attracts both visitors and new residents to the St Albans area. This new social history of the village reveals events and personalities of its past, which will surprise and delight. It fills a gap in the historiography of this part of Hertfordshire.

Kate Morris explores the transformation of the village, with its beautiful Saxon church and vibrant primary schools, from a thriving artisan community into the attractive residential suburb and tourist destination it is today. The book describes its earlier rural industries and parish life, its building developments over time and its nineteenth century transformation into an estate village.

Based on meticulous research of original sources, this book is beautifully illustrated with both historical images and modern photography.

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