Surplus books and pamphlets

The surplus publications listed below are on sale until the end of June 2022 on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in acquiring any of the publications listed, please email to make arrangements for viewing, payment and collection.

Please Note:  As these publications all come from a reference library, many have the external labels, internal stamps and handwritten reference numbers you might expect.  They are in reasonable condition considering their age, except where stated.  They are listed in price order, most expensive first.

Ed. Samuel Rawson Gardiner

The Hamilton Papers: Being Selections from Original Letters in the Possession of His Grace the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon relating to the years 1638-50

The Camden Society, London 1880. Hardback                                                                     £10

Worthington G. Smith

Dunstable Its History & Surroundings

Elliot Stock, London 1904. First Edition inc 2 maps. Hardback                                          £10

L Glasscock

The records of St. Michael's Parish Church, Bishop's Stortford.

Elliot Stock, London 1882. First Edition. Hardback                                                              £6

Eileen A Gooder

Latin for Local History: an Introduction

Longmans, Green and Co, London 1967. Third Impression. Hardback                                £5

Ed. Chris Holland

Coventry and Warwickshire 1914-1919: Volume 1

Warwickshire Great War Publications, 2012. Softback                                                         £5

Frank Salisbury

Portrait and Pageant. Kings, Presidents, and People

John Murray, London 1944. First edition. Hardback                                                             £5

 Edward Giles and Richard Thrale

Historic Sandridge. The Story of a Hertfordshire Parish

First edition 1952. Hardback                                                                                                  £5

Second impression, 1969. Softback                                                                                       £2


Privately Published. Softback, cover damaged/missing? £4

 The Laporte Rose Window Saint Albans Cathedral

Laporte Plc, Luton 1989.  Softback                                                                                        £4

John Wolstenholme Cobb

Two lectures on the history of Berkhamsted.

Nichols and Sons, London 1883. Second edition. Hardback , signed by author.                  £4

Beryl Carrington and Robert Richardson

Yesterday's Town: St. Albans. Two Centuries of Town and City

Barracuda Books, Buckingham Limited edition 1986. Hardback with dustcover                 £4

Clive Birch and John Armistead

Yesterday's Town: Chesham, a medley of memory and fact in the eye of the past

Barracuda Books, Buckinghamshire 1977. Second edition. Hardback with dustcover         £4

James Brabazon, 5th Earl of Verulam

The Bacon Family, its links with Gorhambury, St. Michael's, and St. Albans 1560-1880

St. Albans City Council, 1961. Softback                                                                              £4

Ed. Keith Grieves

Sussex in the First World War

Sussex Record Society, Lewes 2004. First edition. Hardback with dustcover                      £4

Anne Wheeler and Tony Stevens

Around St Albans (Images of England)

Tempus Publishing Limited, Gloucestershire 2001. First Edition. Softback                         £4

Nikolaus Pevsner (Revised by Bridget Cherry)


Penguin Books, London 1977.  Second edition.  Hardback   Two copies, one with dustcover

Also second edition reprinted by Yale University Press 2002, with dustcover               £3 each

 Verulamium Since the Romans

St. Albans Museums, 1989. Softback. 2 copies available                                               £3 each

David Buttery

Portraits of a Lady: An Illustrated Life of Frances, Countess of Warwick

Brewin Books, Warwickshire 1988, reprinted 2000. Softback                                              £3

Reginald L. Hine

The story of the Sun Hotel, Hitchin (1575-1945)

Wm Carling & Co, Hitchin 1946. Second edition. Softback                                                 £3

Rosalind Niblett

Verulamium. The Roman City of St. Albans.

Tempus Publishing, Gloucestershire 2001. Softback                                                             £3

David Hicks

Battle of Barnet, Quincentenary 1471-1971

Borough of Barnet, 1971. Softback                                                                                        £3

R.E.M. Wheeler

Summary of the Verulamium Excavations 1932

St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society, 1933. Softback.     £3

5th Earl of Verulam

Gorhambury.  The Historic Hertfordshire Home of the Grimston Family

English Life Publications, 1987. Softback.                                                                            £3

St. Albans: The story of the city and its people

St. Albans City Council, 1963. Third Edition, inc fold out maps.  Softback                        £2

J Andre

Heraldry and Sussex Monuments.

Offprint from Sussex Archaeological Collections, Volume 37, 1889. Softback, front cover missing                                                                                                                                  £2

 Ed Kate Owen

The Antiquaries Journal volume 90, 2010

Cambridge University Press, 2010.  Softback                                                                        £2


The Dissolution of the Monasteries - The Case of St Albans

Friends of St. Albans Abbey, 1994. Softback.  Two copies available                            £2 each

The Official Guide to the St Albans Rural District

Burrow, 1969. Softback £2

Keith Branigan and Rosalind Niblett

The Roman Chilterns

Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society, 2003. Softback                                 £2

Peter Hurford

The Organs of St. Alban's Abbey

Tythings Court Press, 1962. First Edition. Softback                                                              £2

Percy C. Birtchnell

A Short History of Berkhamsted

Self Published, Berkhamsted. Enlarged and revised edition 1972. Hardback                       £2

Knebworth - the Story of Our Village

The Knebworth branch of the WEA, 1967. Third edition. Softback                                     £2

 R.E.M. Wheeler

The Preliminary Excavations of Verulamium 1930

St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society, 1930. Softback     £2

R.E.M. Wheeler

Summary of the Verulamium Excavations 1931

St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society, 1932. Softback.    £2


Growth in the population of St. Albans from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries

Offprint from The Local Historian, August 2000. Softback.  Two copies available      £2 each

W.A. Bettesworth

The Way about Hertfordshire (Way About series of Gazetteer Guides No 7)

Iliffe and Son, London, 1894.  Repaired softback copy, map missing                                  £2

David J. Parker

Hertfordshire Children in War and Peace, 1914-1939

University of Hertfordshire Press, 2007. Softback                                                                £2

Roy Pinnock

The Guiding Stars.  Concerning a small Hertfordshire Village (Lilley)

Home Counties Newspapers Ltd, 1970.  Softback.  Signed by author                                  £2

Ed. Robert Runcie

Cathedral and City: St Albans Ancient and Modern

Martyn Associates, 1977. Softback. Signed by Martin Biddle                                              £2

Nat Alcock et al

Recording Timber-framed Buildings: An Illustrated Glossary

Council for British Archaeology, 1989. Softback. Damaged by overprinting                       £1

John Fleming, Hugh Honour and Nikolaus Pevsner

A Dictionary of Architecture

Penguin Books, 1977. Second edition reprint. Softback.                                                       £1

Sam Mullins

St. Albans: In Old Photographs

Alan Sutton Publishing, Stroud 1994.  Softback, loose page                                                 £1

A G Dickens

The English Reformation

Fontana Press, 1986. Revised edition. Softback                                                                    £1

 Charles Robert Swift

A Short Account of Christ Church St Albans

Self published? Undated. Softback                                                                                        £1

Know St Albans.  Coaching Days in and around St Albans

Undated Softback.  One of series by HCC teachers led by Pam Payne                                 £1

Tom Scott

Moor Park Golf Club Official Handbook

Temple Publicity Services, undated softback                                                                        £1

The Rt Rev Bishop Watts

Kensworth Church

SPCK, 1951. Softback                                                                                                            £1

John Forrester

Guide to the Parish Church of All Saints, Leighton Buzzard

The British Publishing Company, Gloucester. Undated softback                                          £1

Leighton Buzzard Beds. Official Guide to the Urban District

The Home Publishing Company, Croydon.  Undated softback with foldout map                 £1

William Davison

The Story of the Parish Church of St Mary, Luton Bedfordshire

The British Publishing Company, Gloucester 1938. Softback                                               £1

Peter Watkinson

The Abbey Gateway

Undated softback                                                                                                                    £1

J.W. Grover

Verulam and Pompeii Compared

Softback 1870, with maps and fresco illustration.  Poor condition                                        £1

Jo Askham

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.  Remembering St Albans Asylums

Undated softback                                                                                                                    £1

Rev Arthur Cross

Links with the Past. Bedford St Peter de Merton

C.F. Timaeus, Bedford 1905. Softback                                                                                  £1

Francis W. Buckingham

Church of All Saints Houghton Regis

Index Publishers, Dunstable 1937. Softback                                                                          £1

B. Gerish

A Handlist to the Surnames represented by inscriptions in the Hundred of Odsey, Herts

Waterlow and Sons, Dunstable, 1909. Softback                                                                    £1

John C. Rogers

The Parish Church of St Michael, St Albans.  A Short Illustrated History

H.A. Richardson, St Albans, 1952. Softback

Also two copies of revised 1965 edition                                                                           £1each

Illustrated Twopenny Guide to St Albans Abbey

Cartmel and Sons, St Albans. Undated softback             £1

 The Parish Church of St Peter, St Albans

The British Publishing Company, Gloucester, 1956.  Softback                                             £1

C. Toll

St Paul’s (Bedford) in 1875 and year by year since

Paper read at a Meeting of Men in 1915, published by request.  Softback, poor condition. £1

James Neale

Notes on the Abbey Church of St Alban

Leicestershire Architectural Society, 1876.  Softback, including foldout drawings              £1

City and District of St Albans Official Guide

The British Publishing Company, Gloucester.  Undated softback, poor condition               £1

Wheathampstead and Harpenden. No 1 The Settlement of

Harpenden and St Albans WEA, 1973, Softback                                                                   £1

The Story of Harpenden and Wheathampstead. No.6 The Schools

Harpenden and St Albans WEA, 1976. Softback                                                                   £1

John D Amess

Stevenage Communications Guide for 1800-1847

Stevenage Museum, 1975. Softback                                                                                      £1