Lecture: Convoys in the War against Napoleon: as vital as in the war against Hitler

at Marlborough Road Methodist Church and on Zoom

Speaker: Dr Roger Knight

Naval conflict in any age consists of battles and blockade, but also in the defence of trade against enemy raiders. It was particularly so in the war against Napoleonic France, 1803-1815, involving thousands of merchant ships and hundreds of warships as escorts. Without the raw materials brought back to Britain, the war could not have been fought. These convoys, large and small, have been largely ignored by historians, and the levels of skill and seamanship which insured their safety under-appreciated. It was a prolonged battle of economic warfare which Britain won – just.

Dr Roger Knight spent the first half of his career in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, leaving in 2000 to teach and write. After a biography of Nelson in 2005, he wrote in 2013 a general history of the French wars, Britain against Napoleon. His latest book is Convoys: the British struggle against Napoleonic Europe and America (2022).

Attendance is free to members; £5 for non-members.

This talk is available both at our usual venue, Marlborough Road Methodist Church, and is also being live-streamed on Zoom . To register, please visit our Eventbrite page.

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