Lecture: The Jacobite Rising of 1745-46 - a surgical operation

at Marlborough Road Methodist Church and on Zoom

Church and Zoom

Speaker: Prof. David Purdie

The rising of 1745-46 was led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart on behalf of his father, ‘The Old Pretender’, son of the exiled King James II. It delivered a seismic shock to Britain’s body politic, shaking the three central pillars of our constitution: the Monarchy, Parliament, and the Law. This lecture traces the history of the Jacobite movement. It also tracks the 1745 campaign from its Highland origin to its military and indeed political demise at Culloden. There will be specific reference to the three Surgeons-General who attended the prince and his forces.

Prof. David Purdie is a Fellow of Edinburgh University’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. He has published work on the Enlightenment including books on the philosopher David Hume and the poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott.

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