175 years of achievements: an audio visual presentation

Sandy Walkington and members of the Society at the New Year Party, 2020

In this presentation, Sandy Walkington, President of the Society between 2017 and 2020, discusses 175 years of achievement by the St Albans Architectural and Archaeological Society, colloquially known as the ‘Arc and Arc’.

In 2020, the St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society (the “Arc and Arc’ for short) celebrated its 175th Anniversary, a remarkable achievement for a voluntary society.

The Arc and Arc is amongst the oldest history societies in the United Kingdom, and we’ve been planning to celebrate its foundation with a major exhibition in the summer at the St Albans Museum & Gallery and a gala lecture by Professor Michael Wood, of both academic and television fame.

Now, of course, these plans have had to be postponed, though do look at the online version of the exhibition. In the meantime, as a taster, here is an illustrated talk about the Society’s achievements that given to the Kingsbury Women’s Institute by the Society’s President, Sandy Walkington, in February 2020.

Bear in mind that the recording was made for archive rather than broadcast purposes, so the sound quality is not of the best, though you should find it quite audible. We hope you enjoy it, and that you are able to come and see our exhibition when it is eventually rescheduled in the St Albans Museum & Gallery.

The presentation is hosted on an external website provided by Vimeo. To enlarge the presentation so that it takes up most your screen, click on the ‘Expand’ symbol (like the one below). This will be revealed in the bottom right hand quarter when you run your cursor over the Vimeo screen.

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