St Albans 1650-1700: A thoroughfare town and its people (product page)

'a very complete and satisfying account of the town... a scholarly and truly professional publication... This is an excellent contribution to urban and local history'   John Goodacre, Family and Community History

'An attractive and useful addition to the literatures, replete with striking observations and honest scholarship'  Paul M. Hunneyball, Urban History

'[the book] brings to bear all the qualities that one would expect from good local history: a fine grasp of the available sources, a strong sense of geographical place, a richness of detail, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the town in question'   Phil Withington, Renaissance Quarterly

'Just one example of how valuable this books is ... it deserves to become a classic in the field of urban history' Arnold Pacey, Vernacular Architecture

This study of the small cathedral city of St Albans offers a rare insight into social change in a typical English community between 1650 and 1700.

Examination of the town's domestic, religious and commercial buildings and a unique attempt at family reconstitution coupled with an analysis of social structure provides urban historians with an important resource.

Particular attention is paid to evolving religious and political beliefs during the turbulent time between Cromwell's Commonwealth and the accession of Queen Anne in 1688.

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Editors: J.T. Smith & M.A. North

Format: Paperback, pp288
Publication date: December 2003
Price: £16.00
ISBN 978-0-9542189-3-5

Available from: Waterstones St Peter's Street, St Albans Museums bookshops, the Cathedral Gift Shop and HALS bookshop.

Also available online from Hertfordshire Publications [link to]