Acknowledgements & take down notice

St Albans Museums and the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans

The Society would like to acknowledge the generosity of those who have allowed us to make use of photographs, images and articles, including in particular St Albans Museums and the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans, as well as Jacqui Banfield Taylor for the use of photo of the Black Lion Hotel.

In some cases, the format of the website does not allow us to credit those who have kindly given permission for images to be used. This is particularly true of thumbnail images used in links to other pages. Accordingly, the Society would like to acknowledge those who have given permission for the use of these images.

Mercer Charitable Trust

In July 2015, the Society completed a project to digitise all 4300+ pages of the Transactions and its earlier publications. Society volunteers prepared searchable facsimile images of the original pages for private use and each volume then made available here when ready. We are grateful to the Mercers’ Charitable Trust for a grant towards the cost of this project.

Take-down notice

While every reasonable attempt has been made to obtain permission to use the images reproduced in these articles, it has not been possible to trace or contact all the respective copyright holders. There has been no intention of exploiting such images for economic gain. That said, if you are the owner of the copyright in an image contained in this article, please contact the Society at to establish retrospective permission.