St Albans street name quiz

Alma Cut
(Peter Bourton)
Spencer Street, St Albans
(Peter Bourton)

Fifteen historic street names in St Albans

The questions

Below you can see the names of 15 historic street names in central St Albans. Can you guess the origins of the names?

When you have decided, click on the link at the bottom of the page to see if you were correct.

  • Alma Cut
  • College Street
  • Drovers Way
  • Fishpool Street
  • Hall Place Gardens
  • Holywell Hill
  • London Road
  • Marlborough Gate
  • Maltings
  • Romeland
  • Sopwell Lane
  • Spencer Street
  • Spicer Street
  • Sumpter Yard
  • Verulam Road

… and now the answers

To see the answers, simply follow this link. Good luck!