St Albans Cathedral and Abbey archives

Muniments Room, St Albans Abbey

The Muniment Room in St Albans Cathedral houses an extensive collection of primary and secondary source material concerning the Abbey both in its guise as a parish church and perhaps its more significant role as the seat of the bishop. There are many gems in the collection, Godman’s Abbey parish map from 1818 and early sketches and photographs being just some of them.

What does the collection consist of? In simple terms the bulk of the collection is that of a large town parish with a number of items connected with the Dean and Chapter and very few connected with the Bishopric. The two catalogues listed below describe in good detail what is available.

The Muniment Room is generally open one afternoon a week. For further details call 01727 890239 (voicemail), see the Cathedral Archives webpage here or send an email to

Jon Mein