'Protect' Gallery

We have always sought to protect our local heritage financially and through campaigning. We have given money to repair monuments and buildings. We have also exerted moral pressure to ensure buildings were not demolished or were restored sympathetically. We have a good relationship with St Albans Civic Society and we campaign together on issues facing our city.

Successes and setbacks

Inevitably there have been both successes and setbacks and sometimes conflict as well as amicable resolution. One of our greatest successes was in 1859 when we led a campaign for the Clock Tower to be restored rather than demolished, as the local authorities had intended.

Divisions over the Abbey

During the 1880s, we were divided over the plans of Sir Edmund Beckett, later Lord Grimthorpe, for restoring the cathedral. Sir Edmund was not a member of the Society, but some of his opponents were, and their letters show how bitter the disagreements were.

The challenges of decay

The challenges posed by the natural decay of historical structures are unrelenting. The work of Society members Adam and Jill Singer in their recent valiant restoration of the medieval Kingsbury Barn shows what can be achieved.