List of medals awarded to local men & women on active service, 1914-18

Extracted from the ‘St Albans Roll of Honour’

In the mid-1920s a local printing firm, Gibbs & Bamforth, published the St Albans Roll of Honour, a booklet listing the names of the men whose names had recently been commemorated on the city’s war memorial on St Peter’s Green. In 2013 the Society extracted from the booklet the names and details of these men into a file called the SAHAAS War Memorials Matrix and made this available as a free download on this website.

The booklet also included a list of the decorations awarded to local men and women during the war, not just to those who appeared on the memorial but also those who had survived the war. We have re-published this list below.

If you have any information about the circumstances in which these medals were awarded then please do contact us via